223373_215920481766384_100000453003866_748706_8061136_n                            Stacy & Erin

Naturals COVE was founded by three sisters and their mother. With over 40 years of combined experience in the natural products & cosmetics industry, 

Mother of (soon-to-be) three, Leigh spent over 15 years at a natural grocery store, much of time in the position Assistant Heath & Beauty buyer. She is our in-house skin care expert. 

Erin's experience has touched on all areas of business from finance to management- having spent over 12 years as a manager of a natural products grocery store. 

Mother to all, Jan spent 8 years in the natural products industry (from supplements to skin care) and moved on to natural and gourmet foods for another ten years. 

Specializing in cosmetic regulation and marketing, Stacy is the youngest of Jan's children.